Gear motor is widely used in metallurgy, mining, lifting, transportation, cement, construction, chemical industry, textile, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, medical, beauty, health massage, office supplies and other general machinery and equipment.

Common models:YN(YY)60-6,YN(YY)60-10,YN(YY)70-15,YN(YY)70-20,YN(YY)80-25,YN(YY)80-20,YN(YY)90-40,YN(YY)90-60,YN(YY)90-90,YN(YY)90-120,YN(YY)100-120,YN(YY)100-140,YN(YY)100-160,YN(YY)100-180,YN(YY)100-200,VTV-06SC,VTV-07SC,VTV-08SC,VTV-10SC,VTV-12SC,VTV-06SP,VTV-07SP,VTV-08SP,VTV-10SP,VTV-12SP;

Common models:2I(R)K6GN,2I(R)K10GN,3I(R)K15GN,3I(R)K20GN,4I(R)K25GN,4I(R)K30GN,5I(R)K40GN,5I(R)K60GN,5I(R)K90GN,5I(R)K120GN,6I(R)K140GU,6I(R)K160GU,6I(R)K180GU,6I(R)K200GU,GPG-06SC,GPG-07SC,GPG-08SC,GPG-09SC,GPG-10SC;

Gu’an Hengdao transmission equipment Co., Ltd. is a Chinese enterprise, which provides customers with high quality products and the most satisfactory service. Committed to power transmission in the field to provide customers with solutions, technical advice. “Prosper with sincerity, build up with morality, provide quality service, and focus on forever.” since the establishment of the company, the company has been focusing on transmission products. No matter from market development, technical support, product design, maintenance services, have accumulated rich experience, and achieved excellent sales performance.

Company name: Gu’an Hengdao transmission equipment Co., Ltd

Address: room 2305, block a, rongbaihui Plaza, Gu’an County, Langfang City, Hebei Province, China

Service Tel. :+ 8618211032600